About Us

A locally owned family business providing an authentic experience with greater insights into locals way of life. River Tubing Fiji has its roots firmly established in the rich history and culture of the Namosi Highlands. This unique product is the brainchild of owner and founder William Rock Danford.  A direct descendant of John Humphrey Danford the lone Englishman who lived in the Namosi Highlands amongst the cannibal hill tribes in the 1800s. Fought alongside the Namosi High chief, planned all attacks against enemies and advised the chief on his dealings with Europeans. For the many years of service to the

chief of Namosi he was given a piece of land called Raiwaqa along the banks of the Navua River, where he later settled. During his time in Raiwaqa he also led many foreigners on expeditions up the Navua River. Today join William as he continues to follow his great great great grandfathers footsteps.


We aim to take you, to experience Fiji’s interior – its dramatic peaks, pristine forests, remote villages and unique history.

We work in partnership with the communities you visit to reduce the impact and maximise the benefits of your trip. We believe your adventure should be great for you, and great for the communities!

River Tubing Fiji works with locally owned/operated businesses to assist with our programs (e.g., bus, van and boat shuttles, food purchase

In addition to the obvious benefits associated with employment opportunities with RiverTubing Fiji, we also pay a user fee to the native land owners to provide benefits directly to village life and in an effort to encourage their support of sustainable tourism.

Jules Hickey reviewed River Tubing Fiji – 5 star 14 October 2017 · 

The best Fiji experience for our big family group. William is an awesome guide..

Niki Gent reviewed River Tubing Fiji – 5 star 14th January 2018

Thank you William and the boys for a fantastic day! It really was a pleasure and the crew made it fantastic. Also thank you to Mrs William for the amazing lunch..... 

Jennifer Bray reviewed River Tubing Fiji – 5 star 5 January  2018

We had the best day with William and his nephew William! Wonderful experience of true Fiji adventure and hospitality! Delicious lunch made by the missus Kefua!

Matt Dunn reviewed River Tubing Fiji – 5 star 15 October 2017 · 

Incredible day out! So well organised and a great bunch of guides and drivers. Best part was the tubing

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